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Welcome to Caricatures and Portraits

The website for expertly drawn caricatures and portraits  for the perfect gift, and to book me to draw live at your Wedding, Party or Event. All brilliant, with amazing likenesses.

Caricatures from photos

Order your wonderful caricature from a photo today for a birthday present, retirement present or gift. Hand drawn, then finished in photoshop, with a great likeness created with any scenario you want - they make a great present. The caricatures always look like the person but are executed in a fun, charming, colourful and complimentary way. You can choose from any four sizes below, all with different prices and all affordable. Not only do they make great framed pictures but can be created for wedding invitations or printed on mouse mats, mugs, t-shirts or canvas prints. Please have a look at the commissioning procedure below and you will get a clear idea of how these stunning caricatures are created and the ordering times.

5" square Head
and Shoulders
A4 Caricature
Head and
A4 Caricature
any scenario,
full figure
A3 Caricature
any scenario,
full figure

5" square head and shoulders caricature

Perfect for small gifts. They look great on mouse mats and mugs or are usually used for social media icons. Any scenario you want. These are hand drawn and coloured in photoshop delivered as hi-res jpegs or hi-res prints.


A4 Head and Shoulders  Caricature
in colour

These are very popular for use on the web or company websites as an alternative to a boring old photo. We can make your features as exaggerated as you want. These are hand drawn and coloured in photoshop delivered as hi-res jpegs or hi-res prints.


A4 Caricature any scenario, full figure
in colour

This size is very popular for birthdays and wedding gifts. This size suits a single figure. Talk to us about framing too. These are hand drawn and coloured in photoshop delivered as hi-res jpegs or hi-res prints.


A3 Caricature any scenario, full figure
in colour

This size is very popular. It is a great size that has real presence. Once framed it makes a great birthday present or retirement gift. You can get two people included for a little bit more money too! These are hand drawn and coloured in photoshop delivered as hi-res jpegs or hi-res prints.


Some caricature customers

  • Tesco Underwriting
  • Aviva
  • Duracell
  • The Royal Military Academy
  • Wyevale Garden Centres
  • Telstra
  • Hadlow College
  • Claridges, Mayfair
  • One Great George Street
  • Grosvenor Hotel, Victoria
  • Michael Howard MP
  • Scottish & Newcastle
  • The Best of Ealing
  • Reed Recruitment
  • American Express
  • Shell Petroleum UK
  • Durham Army Cadets Force
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • Westminster Kingsway College
  • Bel Group UK Ltd
  • Intuit
  • Medway School of Pharmacy
  • Interport Limited
  • BT
  • Manpower
  • Durham County Council
  • Keelinge House Surgery
  • Permira

The caricature commissioning procedure

Step one. Once you have made contact with me I will ask you to supply a clear smiling photograph of the 'subject' with a short description of hobbies, interests or anything you want included in the caricature. Please note: it is important the image you supply is of a suitable quality. We will check the image to make sure we are happy before proceeding to step two.

Step two. At this stage we draw the rough sketch for you to approve. Once the sketch is approved you will be invoiced for the whole fee and once paid we will finish the caricature based on the approved sketch, one of the photos supplied and your description. Please make any amends or additions you wish at this stage. Once the sketch is approved I will proceed to step 3.

Step three. I will send a low res file of the picture for your approval. Small changes can be made at this stage. If you are happy we will supply you with the full colour hi-res caricature in the format you want, as a framed print, digital file or on a otherwise agreed finish - just let me know how you want it.

Please give me two weeks to do your characture if it is one figure and allow for delivery time through the post. If it is a group or multiple figures we will need to agree timings.

Caricatures can be supplied in digital formats such as:- png, jpeg, tiff, gif or eps files for mobiles and websites free of charge.




More samples

11 Nov


I have had an eventful few days last week drawing at Events and Weddings, in all, 4 different bookings. Thursday night saw me at a gentleman's dinner in Rochester at The Castle Club. I drew the attendees over dinner. Guests were mostly doctors, surgeons and surveyors and of course all male except for the lovely staff. There were some great stories, of course, as I draw I like to chat to my sitters. A doctor remembering his days playing for Scotland's seconds at international Rugby. His brother an Orthopedic Surgeon, now a sculptor, asking my advice on drawing for his life drawing classes he is attending. Great speeches and a lovely meal for me which was very kindly provided. I even signed the visitors book with my name just below Boris Johnson's the Mayor of London. Somehow and without thinking I signed it an extra line down. Funny, must have been my subconscious that put in the space!  Read >

11 May


I have opened a new shop on this site. The link to the shop is in the navigation bar (top right). In the shop you will be able to buy prints and originals of my work which also includes the design, caricatures and illustration work I do. You can order t-shirts, mugs or prints with your caricature on, and order a caricature at whatever size you want too. It is early days yet and I am going to be adding products all the time and hopefully I will build up a lot of products over time - so keep an eye on it. I am going to add as-broad-a-range of items as possible; like cards, posters and high quality Giclee prints - so there will be lots of choice.  Read >

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