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About my caricatures

Caricature-cardI have drawn caricatures for company-leaving cards, company Events, Weddings, Party's, christmas cards, retirement and birthday presents. I always capture a great likeness in a hilarious way from the descriptions and photographs you supply or from life. My caricatures always look like the person I have been commissioned to draw - getting a good likeness is a priority for me. I love creating fun, energetic and humorous pictures in a positive and friendly way and like to incorporate your ideas into the picture with whatever themes or scenarios you want included. The caricatures I draw always raise a smile and are enjoyed as a fun memento of a career, birthday, event or special day.

About me

I specialize in drawing caricatures, portraits, cartoons and illustrations for everyone - whatever the requirement. I have been drawing caricatures, portraits, cartoons and illustrations for over 20 years for companies and private individuals in the UK, in between graphic design assignments. Please have a look through my work on my website and please contact me if you would like to discuss a commission.

Durham Army Teacher caricature Caricature- image Leeds United Fan

Caricature for Durham
ACF - A3

Caricature leaving gift for
Reed Recruitment - A3
Caricature for Westside Magazine - 3 inches
Caricature for Birthday
present A4
Caricature-Barry Pedro Amex Caricature-Parents Caricature-Solus
Caricature for a
private client - A4
Caricature for American
Express - A3
Caricature leaving gift for
Reed Recruitment - A4
Caricature for Solus for a birthday present - A3

Caricature of Dave and colleagues at Telstra for a birthday framed picture - A2

My caricatures are hand drawn in black pen then scanned to make a digital file. They are then airbrushed and painted digitally on a computer and can be delivered as a framed print, on a mug, a canvas, a mobile phone icon or even a t-shirt; just let me know how you would like it and I will see if it can be done. I prefer not to distort facial features too much, although if that is what you want, I can do that really well too! The image is then stored on servers so you can get more printed at any time you like.

The caricature commissioning process

Step one. Once you have made contact with me I will ask you to supply a clear smiling photograph of the 'subject' with a short description of hobbies, interests or anything you want included in the caricature. Please note: it is important the image you supply is of a suitable quality. We will check the image to make sure we are happy before proceeding to step two.

Step two. At this stage we require 50% of the fee in advance before we do the sketch and final picture. Once paid I will email a sketch of the proposed caricature drawing for your approval to your spec. Please make any amends or additions you wish at this stage. Once the sketch is approved I will proceed to step 3.

Step three. I will send a low res file of the picture for your approval. Small changes can be made at this stage. Please can you make the final payment at this now before we send the hi-res file of the picture. Once payment has been received I will supply you with the finished full colour caricature in the format you want, as a framed print, digital file or on a mug - just let me know how you want it.

Reed caricaturePlease give me two weeks to do your characture if it is one figure and allow for delivery time through the post. If it is a group or multiple figures we will need to agree timings.

Caricatures can be supplied in digital format as png, jpeg, tiff, giff or eps files for mobiles and websites free of charge.





Would you like to learn to draw?

If you live in the Tonbridge area and would like to have private art lessons I can help. I teach interested learners observational or constructional drawing and painting techniques from beginner level to an advanced level in any media. Please contact me if you would like more information.

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I update my blog regularly with new samples from my events, design, sketching and portrait activities plus more. Please feel free to have a look.

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What my customers have said . . .

"Paul it is absolutely brilliant - better than brilliant in fact I love it!" (comment on rough sketch), "Hi Paul, I can't even describe just how brilliant this is - honestly its absolutely perfect, can't believe you've turned it around so quick! Just brilliant. Thanks again - honestly it could not be better! So chuffed!"(comment on finished caricature) Stefan J, Greater Manchester Police, Manchester

"Hi Paul, it's great, showed the boss today and he was happy!" Shelagh C, American Express

"Paul, Just a quick note to let you know that Mike absolutely loved the caricature you did for his leaving gift. His face was a picture when we presented it to him last week at the regimental dinner, it certainly was subject of conversation with everyone there. It is a fantastic piece of work, right down to the twinkle in the eye, thanks. I am so pleased with it, I am certain I shall be using you again in the future." Jackie P, Durham AFC

"Hi Paul, I love it! Looking forward to receive the final one. Thanks Sarah." Sarah Khalil, Dubai

"Thank you so much, the caricature is fantastic!" Jenna Wilson, Dubai

See more testimonials . . .

If you wish to see any testimonials, I keep the emails and can forward copies.

Some of my caricature customers

  • Caricature-AlexMabox
  • Aviva
  • Duracell
  • Finex
  • BCA
  • Telstra
  • Westside Magazine
  • Solus
  • Salter
  • Butlerdines
  • Michael Howard MP
  • Scottish & Newcastle
  • The Best of Ealing
  • Reed Recruitment
  • American Express
  • Shell Petroleum UK
  • Durham Army Cadets Force
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • Westminster Kingsway College
  • Bel Group UK Ltd
  • Intuit
  • Medway School of Pharmacy
  • Interport Limited
  • BT
  • Manpower
  • Durham County Council
  • Keelinge House Surgery
  • Permira

Prices for a caricature

For caricature prices please go to the Prices page. If you want a caricature for Christmas please book as early as possible as I can get busy in the lead up to the festive season.

What you can use caricatures for

  • To hang in the home or office
  • A leaving gift for a work colleague
  • A company christmas card
  • Pictures of personnel on your website
  • Your Twitter or Facebook ID picture
  • A sign off on your emails
  • Presents for wedding guests to remember the day
  • Place settings at a dinner party
  • On badges or invitations
  • Illustrating articles in newspapers or magazines
  • On your business stationery
  • A framed birthday present
  • A framed retirement gift
  • A present for someone on a t-shirt
  • A framed wedding present
  • Put on wedding stationery

Why have a caricature drawn

  • Caricatures are great fun to own
  • A present to treasure
  • Great for boosting office moral
  • Great presents for clients
  • The perfect birthday present
  • Superb leaving presents/cards for staff
  • Caricatures make fantastic Christmas cards
  • Put your characatures on a t-shirt or mug
  • Liven up an event with a charicaturist
  • Have a caricature on a mouse mat


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